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Gender Gap in Biomedical Research Funding Webinar
Learn about The Medical Foundation team’s research on the gender gap in biomedical research funding, published in the September 15, 2015 issue of the Journal of American Medical Association. Meet the research team, explore the data, and hear from affected researchers.
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HRiA Responds to the Opioid Epidemic in Massachusetts
HRiA responds to the opioid epidemic and public health emergency in Massachusetts by enhancing services available through our Massachusetts Substance Abuse Information and Education Helpline
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Embracing Equity in Community Health Improvement
HRiA is excited to announce the release of our newest Policy & Practice report: Embracing Health Equity in Community Health Improvement.This comprehensive resource for health professionals and community-based organizations provides a framework and practical tools for incorporating a health equity agenda into community health improvement work.
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The Medical Foundation division presents the 2014 Division Review
We invite you to read about the work and accomplishments of our clients' biomedical research grant programs, as well as the promising early stage researchers and established investigators funded in 2014 – altogether, 85 projects received a total of nearly $18 million.

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